• 1 Button Peak Lapel Tuxedo
  • 1 Button Peak Lapel Tuxedo
  • 1 Button Peak Lapel Tuxedo
  • 1 Button Peak Lapel Tuxedo

1 Button Peak Lapel

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1 Button Peak Lapel:

Peak Lapel (also called “pointed lapel”) – Peak lapels are traditionally the most formal of the lapels and were originally common in formal wear garments such as tailcoats and morning coats. Peak lapels will tend to look a little more fashion-forward. In actuality, peak lapels have been around for over 100 years. It is also the most expensive lapel to manufacture (requires the most amount of skill).

Slim Peak – A slimmer version of the peak lapel. (Black Lapel’s Slim Notch lapels are 2.75 inches, roughly 0.5 inches thinner than our normal lapel, which are approximately 3.25 inches wide.) Like the slim notch, works best with a slim suit and flatters a slimmer body type.

Where To Wear: Weddings, formal dinners, black tie events or simply whenever you want to dress up a bit while turning some heads. And the office? Yes, peak lapels are good to go here.

Who Should Wear: For those looking for some added height, the points of a peak lapel can create an elongating effect by moving the eyes upwards towards the shoulders. The elongating effect also has a slimming effect, so larger gents might want to give this a try as well.

Type of Suit: Double-breasted suit will almost always have peak lapels. They are also appropriate on single-breasted suits and you’ll often see these lapels on pinstriped fabrics.